Trader Wino: Beringer Founders’ Estate Zinfandel


Beringer Zinfandel

Beringer Zinfandel, $7

“What do you want with dinner?” “How about that one?” “Nope, I can’t review a third Cab Sauv on the blog. Zinfandel?”

A little taste of California. Beringer’s Founders’ Estate line* combines “quality with everyday value” which seems like a lovely way to spend a weeknight. We paired it with pumpkin risotto and it warmed up nicely after it got some air. I also imagine this would make a great contribution to a low key dinner party.

Bottom line: B+, would definitely drink again.

Your fearless reference guide is always available.

Cin cin!

*I heard from a reliable source that you can buy cases of Beringer wine for a song at Costco. Report back if you take advantage.


One thought on “Trader Wino: Beringer Founders’ Estate Zinfandel

  1. Nifty Costco hint: Not a member? But certainly your mom, best friend’s Mom, next door neighbor, etc. is? Have them buy you a small gift card…even $5 works! You go in, use said gift card and pay for the rest of your purchase in cash and you don’t have to be a member!!

    (And yes, this is totally how I bought wedding food.)

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