Cocktailing: MB’s Franken-Nog

Its cocktail week! Whether you’re at home or traveling, working this week or curled up on the couch, you probably need a drink. And we (read: me) here at Liz Takes the World HQ are here to help. From now until New Years Eve, we’re rolling out the favorite cocktails of some of my favorite drinkers.

Starting us off is Michael’s egg nog. Lovely dubbed Franken-nog because it draws on several recipes for its execution and technique. The result is a heavily spiked dream cloud of rich cream and eggs. This is not for the faint of heart but the calories and uncooked eggs are totally, 100% worth it. I solemnly swear. xo, Liz

I know that no recipe I find will have enough booze. I don’t know what other people do when they drink, but I need a hefty helping of vitamin bourbon.

I always default to Cook’s Illustrated when I’m going to prepare food, but their recipe required cooking, and thus also a long time chilling, and I just didn’t have time for that. Three years doing this and I’ve never gotten salmonella, I figured doing a raw nog would be just fine. Alton’s recipe was my second choice, and lays a great foundation. His didn’t make quite enough, so I bumped up the amounts a bit.

Neither of these recipes called for more than a half cup of bourbon, which just plain wasn’t enough for me, but luckily Cook’s Illustrated provided the note that if you add more liquor all you need to do is add more cream.

3 eggs
3 egg yolks
3 egg whites
1/2 cup sugar
1 pint whole milk
1 pint cream
1 cup bourbon
1/2 seed freshly grated nutmeg

Make sure all the liquid ingredients are nice and chilled before you start, that way you don’t have to wait to drink it when you’re done!

In a bowl, beat together three eggs and three egg yolks (with the whites reserved for later) until it lightens in color. Then gradually add in a half cup of sugar while beating until it completely dissolves. Next, dump in a pint of whole milk, a pint of cream, and a cup of bourbon. Grate about half a seed of nutmeg (something like 1.5 teaspoons) into this, then stir until combined.

Next whip those reserved egg whites into stiff peaks, then fold the whites into the bowl of liquid.

Pour a cup, grate some nutmeg over the top, and serve.

This worked for me, but I’m noticing some subtleties in their recipes that I may try next time. When beating the egg yolks, maybe add in 1/4 teaspoon of salt. When the egg whites have reached soft peaks, gradually add in 2 teaspoons of sugar. Maybe you can get a lighter nog by reserving 4 whites instead of just 3. Note that double the recipe lands you at a convenient carton of eggs and half-gallon of both milk and cream, so make a couple batches and have fun!

And because we once went and saw a killer Charles Mingus tribute band, I give you the Angry Man of Jazz’s top secret egg nog.


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