Behold! 2014!


Seattle fireworks via Hotel Andra

2014 and I are optimistically skeptical of each other. At this point last year, 2012 and I had moved past any hope of being a warm memory to each other and I was ready to launch head first into the wild, deliciously, delightful unknown of 2013. And 2013 has been my bestie. In my more genuine moments, I can say that this year has been my best, hands down. Much of the highlights have been chronicled here: travel, baby Leo, a new job, a new apartment, an elopement, adventure, many, many great cocktails. There are already some rough guideposts that suggest 2014 has potential: Sparky’s wedding in March, hopefully a speaking slot at a political conference in June, a family trip to the UK in September. For now, I will focus on what I can improve on and heck, I’ll put it on the internet so you beautiful people can hold me accountable.

Read more. My new commute provides me with up to 90 minutes of reading time a day. I recently renewed my library card and will challenge myself to read 15 books in 2014.

Reestablish an exercise routine. I’ve been enjoying exploring the pool that is now conveniently near my house. I’d like to combine swimming and yoga into a solid routine. Steps to get there: find a yoga studio in my new neighborhood that fits my style, write these commitments down in my calendar and weekly plan, announce these things to people around me so they are aware that these commitments are firm, purchase a racing suit but use my regular suit in the meantime, enjoy the sauna as a sweet reward.

Attend two or more concerts a month. Live music came back to my life with wild abandon this year and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve set aside funds in my monthly budget to make this happen. I love it when Mint reminds me to do fun things.

Stamp my passport. I’m on track to achieve this goal (thanks Mom and Dad!) but want to keep it at the forefront of my brain.

Set boundaries. Do things on my own terms. Be gracious.


2 thoughts on “Behold! 2014!

  1. You are such an amazing person, Liz. “Set boundaries. Do things on my own terms. Be gracious.” I love it! And sharing your goals with others around you seems like a great idea.

    “I’ve set aside funds in my monthly budget to make this happen.” makes my nerdy accountant heart smile.

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