Favorite Things: February

Frequency by xkcd

Kate Middleton and Helen Mirren.

House of Cards season two and texting my dad my reactions (and receiving his the next morning).

Western Light, a new photography collective featuring weekly photos by some of my favorite lady photogs.

Band of Horses’ Acoustic at the Ryman album that I just discovered. I didn’t think it was possible to love “Detlef Schrempf” more. I was wrong.

True confession: I’m an advice column junkie. I can’t get enough. Evie introduced me to Ask Polly and I’m working my way through the archive.

Speaking of Evie, she started a weekly newsletter and I’m completely addicted. Subscribe.

The SJP Collection instagram feed is killing it. And she’ll be in Seattle next week! I’m thinking I need a pair for Sparky’s wedding. 4″ stilettos in a rustic barn is totally sensible right? WWCD?

I’m in DC through Sunday and while I miss Seattle (decent coffee is a joke here) I’m really looking forward to getting out and exploring the restaurant scene tonight and tomorrow. Happy weekend!


Last night’s sunset over the Potomac

2014 Goals: February

Books: I finished Voyager by Diana Gabaldon. I won’t be reviewing it because while I enjoy the Outlander series I don’t have much to say about them besides they are fast moving, escapist reads and James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser is the perfect man, real or fictional, living or dead.

For March: Maybe not read such a big book? Oof. Voyager took me weeks (of daily reading!) to get through.

Exercise: Less of home run success this month. It was this or that but the bottom line is I didn’t do as much as I would have liked and feel the results. The silver lining, swimming with my new cap has been awesome and I finally tried a new yoga place with H-y (after three reschedules). The new studio was definitely the win of the month. Small class, amazing teacher, old school hatha with the best stretches of my young life. I will be going back.

For March: Back on the wagon, Miss Liz!

Shows: Success!  Seattle Ladies Choir at the Fremont Abbey (go Jessi!), Mayer Hawthorne at Neumos, Tower of Power at Jazz Alley, Eldridge Gravy & the Court Supreme at the Nectar, Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe with the Dirty Dozen Brass Band at the Neptune.

….pretty sure I need to up my monthly goal because two/month is too easy, apparently.

For March: On Sunday I wrote, “I would say I’m nervous about only having one show on the books so far but I have a feeling it will take care of itself.” On Monday, I bought tickets to two shows. Problems just solve themselves around here.

Travel: Off to DC for work!

Weekend Brunch: Feta and Chive Sour Cream Biscuits

Recipe: Feta and Chive Sour Cream Scones via Joy the Baker

Soundtrack: Songs for Dancing in the Kitchen, a playlist by The Kitchn


Saturday love

Let’s not talk about how many biscuits I ate this weekend. It was more than two and less than 100. I’m an adult that accepts responsibility for her choices. I have no regrets.

Biscuits are secular Communion. These came together in under an hour, measuring cup to plate. (“Plate” is obviously a technical term, Kat and I ate our first one standing over the stove.) They feel tradition worthy. Luckily, our gal Joy has plenty of biscuits to work through. I plan to fall on that sword.

These biscuits were the building block of a great Saturday. They helped determine that I would wake up at a reasonable time and go to early morning lap swim. The promise of these biscuits made me extra friendly and I forged a new acquaintance at the pool. These biscuits kept me full through a haircut (hello again, bangs!) and the crafting of my own liqueur. We even reconvened for a lazy Sunday morning in bed.

Biscuits make me a better person. We could all stand to be improved by biscuits.

Out and About: Aragona


House made chip drizzled in honey, beef cheek “bikini” sandwich

My co-workers think I’m way cooler than I actually am. Which, granted, on the List of Terrible Problems isn’t high but I do feel some (weird, totally internal) pressure to sort of live up to the glory. Two sentences in and I come off looking like the world’s most vain (this song is totally about me).

Anyway, Aragona opened recently and I sweet talked Lindsay into trying it out with me. Their happy hour menu was even more extensive than we were lead to believe online (win!), the cocktail list is delicious (double win!), and everything was delicious (triple win!). Really the only downsides are the lack of view for being so close to the waterfront and the fact that tapas means you buy all the things. Cheap happy hour this is not. But who cares when you’re double-fisting meatballs and a beef cheek and goat cheese sandwich?


Mushroom revuelto and serrano ham

Aragona is open for dinner Monday-Saturday and happy hour Monday-Friday at the south end of the Market.



Goofing with McGhee

Like any important relationship, Kat and I like to take the time to celebrate our friendship. Let’s be honest, we just like an excuse to dress up, eat a nice dinner, listen to some music, and have a glass of champagne. We’re simple and predictable creatures that way. So, after a sweet little dinner at home we lit over to Fremont for the Seattle Ladies Choir winter concert. The ladies were, of course, amazingly talented (check out their youtube channel, you won’t regret it), especially our girl, Jessi, who wowed the crowd with a cover of Marina and the Diamonds’ “Primadonna”. After the show we headed home for vegan cheesecake and bubbles in our jammies.

Happy Friendaversary, Kat! I appreciate your enthusiasm, loyalty, good nature, and overall willingness to play ball in the antics that make up my life. Thank you for being a listening ear, able to roll with the punches, and s truly supreme-o Peanuts dance partner. xox


Dessert of champions.

In the Kitchen: Gnocchi with Everything


Everything I tell you!

4:55pm “Sweet, I’m totally going to get on the 5pm shuttle, hit the pool, then go home and make dinner.”

5:10pm “Man, the shuttle is running late and I’m feeling a little pinched on time.”

5:25pm “Damn, it’s cold out here. I guess I could just do a yoga video at home. Super annoying that I lugged my swim stuff around all day.”

5:45pm “GAHHHH! Seriously?! Where is this &!*% shuttle! I should be getting home right now.”

5:50pm “Effing finally! An hour later. Thanks for nothing. I should be home right now. I’m totally making gnocchi for dinner.”

6:00pm “Naturally everyone and their mom is on this bus. I’m totally sauteeing all the veggies and putting it on my gnoochi.”

6:15pm “Ready to be home, pleaseandthankyou. Oh hell yes! I totally have a few meatballs in the freezer. That. Is. Happening.”

6:45pm “Why doesn’t the winebulance exist/deliver? Everything is terrible.”

7:00pm “Give me all the carbs, all the jammies, and all the TV. I should have been home an hour ago.”

Leo Selfies



20140208-123023.jpgGot to hang out with my favorite little dude on Saturday morning. What more is there to say besides “omglookatthosecheeeeeeeks”. One of Leo’s favorite activities is to take selfies with his auntie Lizzie. At the very least he has few complaints as he touches the screen and then tries to stick my phone in his mouth.


Weekend Brunch: Kale and Onion Frittata


Looks like its going to be a good day.

Let’s have a great weekend, shall we? A great weekend for me involves a balance of relaxing and getting shit done. Starting out with a great breakfast walks that line just right.

Sautee half an onion until translucent. I threw in some diced yellow pepper because I had some, but it’s not required. Toss in several handfuls of washed and chopped kale, salt a bit, and cook until tender. In a separate bowl, whisk five eggs together until a creamy yellow. Pour over the sauteed vegetables. Turn the heat down to help cook the eggs more evenly. As the eggs begin to cook, lift the sides of the frittata and let uncooked eggs fill the space. When 90% cooked, top with parmesan. Slice and enjoy!

Book Review: The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks


Saturday morning reading

The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, Rebecca Skloot

Lizzie rating: 5/5!!!

This book should be required reading. Skloot does an incredible job writing accessibly and comprehensively about the life of Henrietta Lacks and her family. Lacks was a poor Black woman treated at Johns Hopkins in the 1950s. A biopsy of her cervical cancer tumor was taken without her knowledge or consent and became the first immortal cell line grown in culture. Her widower and children lived in ignorance of her influence on science until the 1970s.

Working in medicine, this book was particularly interesting to me. Several of my faculty members have worked with the HeLa cell line and had varying levels of awareness of their origin. The book raises important questions around informed consent, the ethics of tissue collection, and access to health care. Skloot artfully weaves the story of the Lacks family with the concurrent developments in science largely driven by Henrietta’s cells.

Go Hawks!

Everyone in Seattle has been swept by Seahawks fever. Even your truly, who normally sees football as a great time to get some chores done, purchased a shirt and made plans to stake out the bar. Really looking forward to the revelry if/when we win!



Spotted at the pool




Paul Allen’s other toy


At Bastille in Ballard.


This is what bandwagoning look like.