Weekend Brunch: Kale and Onion Frittata


Looks like its going to be a good day.

Let’s have a great weekend, shall we? A great weekend for me involves a balance of relaxing and getting shit done. Starting out with a great breakfast walks that line just right.

Sautee half an onion until translucent. I threw in some diced yellow pepper because I had some, but it’s not required. Toss in several handfuls of washed and chopped kale, salt a bit, and cook until tender. In a separate bowl, whisk five eggs together until a creamy yellow. Pour over the sauteed vegetables. Turn the heat down to help cook the eggs more evenly. As the eggs begin to cook, lift the sides of the frittata and let uncooked eggs fill the space. When 90% cooked, top with parmesan. Slice and enjoy!

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