In the Kitchen: Gnocchi with Everything


Everything I tell you!

4:55pm “Sweet, I’m totally going to get on the 5pm shuttle, hit the pool, then go home and make dinner.”

5:10pm “Man, the shuttle is running late and I’m feeling a little pinched on time.”

5:25pm “Damn, it’s cold out here. I guess I could just do a yoga video at home. Super annoying that I lugged my swim stuff around all day.”

5:45pm “GAHHHH! Seriously?! Where is this &!*% shuttle! I should be getting home right now.”

5:50pm “Effing finally! An hour later. Thanks for nothing. I should be home right now. I’m totally making gnocchi for dinner.”

6:00pm “Naturally everyone and their mom is on this bus. I’m totally sauteeing all the veggies and putting it on my gnoochi.”

6:15pm “Ready to be home, pleaseandthankyou. Oh hell yes! I totally have a few meatballs in the freezer. That. Is. Happening.”

6:45pm “Why doesn’t the winebulance exist/deliver? Everything is terrible.”

7:00pm “Give me all the carbs, all the jammies, and all the TV. I should have been home an hour ago.”

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