Out and About: Aragona


House made chip drizzled in honey, beef cheek “bikini” sandwich

My co-workers think I’m way cooler than I actually am. Which, granted, on the List of Terrible Problems isn’t high but I do feel some (weird, totally internal) pressure to sort of live up to the glory. Two sentences in and I come off looking like the world’s most vain (this song is totally about me).

Anyway, Aragona opened recently and I sweet talked Lindsay into trying it out with me. Their happy hour menu was even more extensive than we were lead to believe online (win!), the cocktail list is delicious (double win!), and everything was delicious (triple win!). Really the only downsides are the lack of view for being so close to the waterfront and the fact that tapas means you buy all the things. Cheap happy hour this is not. But who cares when you’re double-fisting meatballs and a beef cheek and goat cheese sandwich?


Mushroom revuelto and serrano ham

Aragona is open for dinner Monday-Saturday and happy hour Monday-Friday at the south end of the Market.

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