2014 Goals: February

Books: I finished Voyager by Diana Gabaldon. I won’t be reviewing it because while I enjoy the Outlander series I don’t have much to say about them besides they are fast moving, escapist reads and James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser is the perfect man, real or fictional, living or dead.

For March: Maybe not read such a big book? Oof. Voyager took me weeks (of daily reading!) to get through.

Exercise: Less of home run success this month. It was this or that but the bottom line is I didn’t do as much as I would have liked and feel the results. The silver lining, swimming with my new cap has been awesome and I finally tried a new yoga place with H-y (after three reschedules). The new studio was definitely the win of the month. Small class, amazing teacher, old school hatha with the best stretches of my young life. I will be going back.

For March: Back on the wagon, Miss Liz!

Shows: Success!  Seattle Ladies Choir at the Fremont Abbey (go Jessi!), Mayer Hawthorne at Neumos, Tower of Power at Jazz Alley, Eldridge Gravy & the Court Supreme at the Nectar, Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe with the Dirty Dozen Brass Band at the Neptune.

….pretty sure I need to up my monthly goal because two/month is too easy, apparently.

For March: On Sunday I wrote, “I would say I’m nervous about only having one show on the books so far but I have a feeling it will take care of itself.” On Monday, I bought tickets to two shows. Problems just solve themselves around here.

Travel: Off to DC for work!

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