2014 Goals: January


Green Lake by Waterlouge, my new favorite app

Books: Killing this one! I finished A Hologram for the King AND The Secret Life of Henrietta Lacks. Reading has been a great distraction for my commute and is much more relaxing than mindlessly scrolling through twitter or facebook while on the bus. In addition to my 90 minute roundtrip commute, I typically read for all or part of my lunch break and at least 15 minutes before bed. On the best days I get two hours of reading in and it’s helped me move through books quickly. The three week turnaround the library demands is stressing me out!

For February: Keep on keepin’ on.

Exercise: I’m loving my swim routine. Siiri gave me two old swim caps and my hair is so much happier! I’d been holding off on investing in a racing suit to make sure it was a routine I would actually stick with. Since I’ve been enjoying it so much I feel comfortable slapping down some cash but still shopping around for a sturdy, reasonably priced racing suit. Suggestions welcome. Have had less progress on the yoga front. My buddy Hadar suggested Hatha Yoga Center which is on my way home but not quite in my neighborhood. Ok, but not ideal.

For February: Keep looking around and asking for yoga studio suggestions. Swim while traveling for work at the end of the month. Buy a racing suit.

Shows: Success!  Thao & the Get Down Stay Down at the Neptune, Hey Marsailles at Neumos, Theoretics at the Nectar (all N venues!)

For February: Tickets purchased for one of two shows, bump it up to two.

Travel: Nothing here but planning for both work and pleasure continues.