Out and About: Loulay

Oh sweet Loulay, how you’ve won my heart. After 25 years running the award-winning Rover’s Chef Thierry Rautureau closed his signature establishment to try a new concept downtown. I never ate at Rover’s but I’m determined to use Loulay to make up for lost time.


Bistro menu is available all day in the bar.

Corinne met me for a drink and dinner before a show at Jazz Alley. We sat at their beautiful bar (make out worthy marble, impeccable florals, extremely competent bartenders) for a drink and a small dinner off their bistro menu. I’m a pretty diehard French onion soup fan but they up the ante big time by using veal broth. It’s rich and succulent with incredible depth of flavors and pairs amazingly with the caramelization of the onions. We each had a bowl and then split an order of frites (when in Rome Paris…) and their crab beignets. Both were the perfect amount of decadent.


The Bijou (jewel): Hendrick’s carpana, sweet vermouth, Chartreuse

In a fun twist of fate it started snowing just as we were finishing dinner! It was falling fast and we still had tickets to a show that would let out after nine. I joked that we’d be stranded and forced to hole up at Loulay (best/worst problem ever, right?) when Corinne suggested we seize the moment and have a hotel sleepover! We were each other’s roommate whenever we stayed in hotels in Russia so it was just like old times. Tower of Power totally rocked and we tucked in Palace Kitchen for a nightcap. Sunday morning we awoke to a white but thawing Seattle and drove home with nary a problem.


Our bounty.

Loulay is open downtown for lunch and dinner daily.


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