Breakfast Makeover


Elvis waffles

Several weeks ago I got fed up with my breakfast. I was eating instant oatmeal every morning. It was bland with a tacky texture and left my hungry by 9:15. Not cool, oatmeal, not cool. Since then I’ve been experimenting with different approaches. My criteria: healthy, preferably warm, and ready in less than 10 minutes. My friend, C, suggested whole grain waffles which I’ve included in the rotation about 2x/week. Eggs have been the runaway victor here. There protein keeps me going through 10:30 (or beyond) and I like that I can leave them alone for a few minutes to pack my lunch or pour some coffee or respond to an early morning text.


Greek yogurt with blueberries and banana

If you have trouble getting out of bed, may I humbly suggest my morning dance jams playlist? It’s got a little bit of everything on there (pop, funk, bluegrass, soul, assorted hipster). No need to play it in order. Just pick a place to start based on what you’re feeling and rock on out in your underwear. You’ll be ready to take the day in no time.


Breakfast tacos, for ambitious mornings.

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