Out and About: Taylor Shellfish

Oysters are a religion for me. Briny, sweet creatures that deserve all the praise people foist upon them. My buddy, Kristin, is my number one partner in oyster crime. Remember when she was here last summer? And for Christmas? Yeah, we eat oysters a lot.


Oyster origins

I’ve been meaning to try Taylor Shellfish’s new location for a while. For years, Taylor Shellfish Farms have been the name in Northwest shellfish. They run a robust wholesale business and a few retail shops in the south sound. When they opened a oyster and chowder bar in Melrose Market, I was pumped. More oysters!


You so fresh

The space is small; only seats 30 and centers around a custom built holding tank displaying that day’s oysters, mussels, clams, and geoduck. Whole and half crabs are also available. But let’s get real. Oysters are our jam. K likes ’em small and either briny or sweet. I like mine to lean briny regardless of size. We each ordered some Kussis and Komomatos. I tried a few of the Fanny Bays and K experimented with the Olympia variety. The beer fridge pleased Kristin the Home Brewer. I settled on a delightful, reasonably priced glass of cava. Everything was perfect and wonderful. I plan to move it next week.


So! Excited!

Taylor Shellfish is open for lunch and dinner Sunday-Thursday until 9pm, Friday and Saturday until 11pm. Can’t make it to Seattle? Check out their shellfish recipe roundup!


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