In the Kitchen: Warm Kale and Leek Salad

Sunday morning, Kristin and I woke up and walked to downtown West Seattle to have breakfast at the insanely delicious Bakery Nouveau and stroll through the farmers’ market.


Many colored daffodils


It was Take Your Friend to the Market Day so we each got four market bucks.

We picked up some braising greens and leeks for lunch plus some apples for snack before stopping at Bakery Nouveau (yes, round two) for some bread to go with our lunch. The market is always such a nice way to spend a Sunday. Even on a blustery morning like this one the folks selling fruits and vegetables, cheese and meat, honey and pastries are some of the nicest people around.


This is not my beautiful house. This is my beautiful friend.

Kristin and I have been cooking together for years. We were the two in charge of the Annie’s shells and cheddar at sleepovers in high school and would make dinner together in college because we were broke and wanted to spend our money on beer.


Warm kale and leek salad with quinoa bread

Warm Kale and Leek Salad serves two

1 medium leek

Garlic salt and red pepper flake to taste

4-5 ounces braising greens mix

1 tbsp red wine vinegar

Handful roasted almonds, roughly chopped

Slice the light green parts of the leeks into half moons and submerge in water to clean. Drain. Pat dry with towel.

Heat oil over medium heat and add leeks. Season with garlic salt and red pepper flake to taste. Cook until leeks are softened, about four minutes. Add braising greens mix and saute until tender. We both prefer our winter greens to still have some heft to them but not everyone likes that strong flavor. The greens will take between 8-15 minutes to cook depending on how soft you’d like to cook them down. Remove pan from heat and add red wine vinegar. Serve and top with chopped almonds.


Totally not still daydreaming about this bread.


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