Tasty Bites


Papparadelle with mushrooms, asparagus, and peas

Recipe: modified from Gnocchi Primavera from Cooking Light

It’s been a wonky few weeks. Turned in a major grant at work and have felt sort of listless every since. It’s just a deadline hangover that I’ll get over once the next project comes down the pipeline. In the meantime, I’ve been embracing spring and all of its delicious flavors.


Spicy shrimp over rice with arugula salad

Recipe: Shrimp and Avocado Salad from Pinch of Yum

I was a bit under the weather for a few days and got throughly sucked into PBS’ Mr. Selfridge (available on Amazon Prime). I binge watched the first season in about four days. Edwardian London is a fun counter to the slightly later country storyline of Downton Abbey. Honestly, we all know I’m a sucker for any and all Masterpiece Theater but when you add department stores and suffragettes, I’m guaranteed to be sold. Give it a try and let me know if you get hooked too. We can discuss what we think will happen with Agnes, the ambitious shop clerk, Henri, the French window designer, or Mr. Grove, the chief of staff who made a surprising choice at the end of season one.


Turkey meatballs and roasted broccolini

Recipe: Grilled Turkey Meatballs from Shutterbean

I watched this 16 minute documentary from the New York Times last night while I was prepping dinner. The “do what you want!” mantra is one that always resonates with me so I found this video quite heartwarming and charming. Upon further reflection these types of things always drive me nuts due to the overwhelming privilege that “dropping out of society” is predicated on. But this guy cracked the code and frankly we all deserve a little more time on sunny beaches.


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