Meal Planning Week: Dinner Swapping

To round out Meal Planning Week, I asked my buddy, Evie, to give us the 411 on the meal swapping plan she and some friends have cooked (ha!) up. (Sorry about the dad jokes, E.) You can find more of Evie’s delightfulness at A Cup of Shit. Have a great weekend! xo, L

How to Have Dinner in the Bag a Few Nights A Week

1. Become tired of spacing out in the produce section in your sweaty gym clothes at 7 p.m. trying to remember how food happens, Googling “how can dinner?”, as your plummeting blood sugar causes your vision to narrow.

2. Find a few friends who are good candidates for a dinner exchange: unfussy eaters, leftover enthusiasts, reliable, hardy of spirit. 

3. Be a good candidate yourself! If you will worry your fingernails to the quick wondering how your cooking will be judged, this will just make you miserable. Or this will force you to get over that! 

4. Buy a set of communal glass casserole dishes with lids in which all meals will be transported. Decide which day of the week will be the swap day. Discuss how exchanging will work. Will you alternate each week who makes the deliveries? Will you meet in one place?

5.Cook 4 (or 6) servings and portion them into the containers. Swap. Heat and enjoy. If it’s really really good, you may have to step up your game next week. Or don’t. You’re a child of the universe. It’s okay.

I got into more details about my weekly dinner share over at the Billfold last year, if you’re interested. And I collected some of my “greatest hits” recipes from the past year in a post on my unvarnished-lifestyle blog, A Cup of Shit.

What else can we tackle by farming it out to friends? Housecleaning? Taxes?

I’m trying to get some momentum going on this idea where you get together a group of five people and do a baby-shower-share. Each year, everyone in the group throws in $75, and then one person shops for and attends for all the baby shower invites for that year. Four years in five without baby showers! It’s so beautiful I can’t hold it in my mind for very long without getting misty. What can I say, I’m a sap.

True, it might be awkward to be the proxy at someone’s cousin’s shower. But what I’m saying is if we get enough people on board, it will become normalized. 

“Oh hi, I’m Evie, you must be the mom-to-be. This is my baby shower year. Ooh, profiteroles!”

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