Out and About: Rachel’s Ginger Beer


Rachel’s Ginger Beer, Pike Place Market, Seattle

Siiri and I had the most ridiculous Sunday Funday a few weeks ago. She needed a plus one to judge a chocolate competition (I know, I’m jealous of us too) and the crummy weather had cancelled my sailing plans so I was all too happy to volunteer. After stuffing our faces with chocolate, we need a walk and something refreshing to drink. Hello, Rachel*! A nice stroll down the waterfront brought us to the Pike Place Market where we chatted up the friendly shop staff and both tried one of their house cocktails. The people watching in the Market is A++ and on a cloudy spring afternoon there were all the babies, strolling couples,and cute out-of-towners to comment on.

*This joke is made infinitely more humorous by the fact that the mutual friend that introduced is named Rachel.


So many flavors, so little time.

Rachel’s would be a great place for a first date (eligible bachelors, take note) or to meet up with a friend for a catch-up. It feels super Seattle despite being smack in the Market. All their cocktails are on tap which helps keep things super fresh and effervescent as well as speedy! Posssssssssibly speedier than one actually needs a supremely delicious Montana Mule (whiskey + RGB). Luckily, they’ve put a few of their favorite recipes on their website (the things I find when researching these posts!) for those of us with home bars or you poor souls that don’t live in Seattle.  I’ll definitely be making their Pimm’s Cup for my dad come Father’s Day.


The bartender pegged us as hot pink straw ladies in about 4.5 seconds

Rachel’s Ginger Beer is open daily in Pike Place Market. You can also purchase growlers of ginger beer at the Capitol Hill and U District farmers’ markets.


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