Out and About: Agrodolce


Agrodolce, Fremont, Seattle

Real talk: I was browsing restaurants for a birthday dinner when I noticed that Agrodolce offered a bottomless mimosa at brunch. Don’t need to tell me twice. I barely had to coax my buddy N into going with me.

Extra real talk: once we got to brunch we realized we both had too many actual responsibilities to get day drunk in the middle of a perfectly good Saturday. Adulthood, man, it’s so weird. You can literally do whatever you want. They give you a little piece of personalized plastic that allows you to drive a two ton vehicle and provides proof that you can imbibe as many glasses of champagne as the nice server can legally bring you. But then you have to deal with the consequences. So freeing. So lame. I had one glass of champagne and went to the post office to buy stamps.


Spring strata with arugula

The food is redonk. So so good. I came in hungry so our server suggested I try the strata over the fried soft boiled eggs but I’m coming back for those puppies for sure. I mean, it’s a soft boiled egg that’s been breaded and deep fried. Yes please forever. N had the mushroom omelette which was essentially an ode to the glorious marriage of yolk-y perfection and rich, earthy ‘shrooms.


Agrodolce, Seattle

I know there are folks out there with mixed opinions of brunch. Standing in line with a bunch of under-caffeinated hipsters does sound like the first circle of hell (race you there, virtuous pagans). However, there is something particularly wonderful about someone else cooking a beautiful breakfast while you sip your coffee and laugh at squirrel jokes in the sunshine. If every brunch could be like that, I’d never cook before noon again.

Agrodolce is open daily for lunch and dinner plus weekend brunch in Fremont. Also, check out owner Maria Hines on Iron Chef.


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