In the Kitchen: Brussels Sprouts and Bacon Pizza

Soundtrack: This is Happening by LCD Soundsystem

Recipe: Brussels Sprouts and Bacon Pizza by Shutterbean


Brussels sprouts and bacon pizza

I’ve rather made it a point to not discuss my personal life on the publicly facing internet. I date lovely men but none of them asked to be included in this space that they have no control over and it seems unfair and unkind to shove them onto the internet without their permission. And then a friend egged me into joining Tinder and let me just say it’s totes brilliant. It’s people watching at the bar but without the ring check. So simple! So easy! Or so it would seem…

Liz’s Rules for Playing Nicely in the Sandbox (and Getting a Date)

1. Don’t pose with a tiger. Seriously.

2. Please use actual words in your messages. Emoticons are not words. No one has the time or patience to decipher what the shades smiley emoticon means.

3. I’m not going to shame you for using the internet to get a booty call but you don’t get to be overly aggressive in asking me out.

4. Remember: all your messages have time stamps.

5.  Be safe. Have fun. Get tested regularly.


Ready for oven action

This pizza would probably be a great date. Kat and I made it for dinner on a random, low-key weeknight when we both happened to be at home and then we watched Bob’s Burgers. Highly recommended. I used Tracy’s recipe as a general guide map. Tossing the sliced brussels in balsamic and olive oil before topping the pizza is inspired. I skipped the feta topping because we didn’t have any in the house and it turned out great. Pizza feels like such an indulgent weeknight meal but it totally comes together in about 15 minutes of hands on time and about 15 minutes of baking (aka sit on the couch and drink wine time aka flip through Tinder time).



Other pizza ideas

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