Cocktailing: Bourbon Slushies

Recipe: Bourbon Slush Punch from Smitten Kitchen


Making summer better

Well folks, here’s your homework this weekend. Never fear it’s scary easy and insanely delicious. This summer has been a non-stop parade of everything amazing: sailing with my dad, working on my tan on Siiri’s rooftop deck, frolicking at the lake across the street from our house. I’m ready to embrace August like a warm, sweaty hug and never let summer go.

Kat and I have been hosting weekly Friday night BBQs lovingly dubbed Patio Friday. Originally conceived as a casual way to chill out with friends, they’ve also proven to be a great testing ground of all manner of booze experimenting. This blended punch is everything you think it’s going to be: cool, refreshing, really easy to drink, and a little cheeky.


Prepping the slushie base

Did I mention it’s basically no work to bring together? We made a double batch (our first rodeo this is not) which meant about 10 minutes of squeezing fresh juice followed by two minutes of measuring and pouring iced tea and bourbon into a pitcher. That’s all your prep, folks. I had every intention of prepping the base the night before and was initially a little stressed when that didn’t happen. Not to fear, I assembled the base, did all the dishes, and retired to the patio before the first guest arrived. When you’re ready to drink you just blend the base with ice and serve.


Such an attractive couple

I’m off to my ten year high school reunion this weekend. Facebook has taken much of the mystery and anticipation out these events. But no meet up would be complete without some amount of hand wringing. Pipers, see your beautiful faces Saturday! What are your plans for your late summer nights?


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