2014 Goals: August


Dahlias, Green Lake, Seattle

Books: I read and was grilled on the fabulous Men Explain Things To Me by Rebecca Solnit. Finally dove into The Book Thief by Markus Zusak, which my mom loaned me months ago, and I was completely immersed. The letdown of the month was Love Illuminated by Daniel Jones. I lovelovelove the New York Times’ Modern Love column and picked up this book thinking it would be a collection of essays the paper never ran. Instead it’s part pop-pysch/part memoir and I just wasn’t feeling it. In more exciting news, I found out that Reuben has a subscription to the New Yorker and has agreed to pass them along to me when completed. I’m currently working through a small backlog (bring ’em on, R!). Annual total thus far: 17/15


Take a New Yorker to bed

Exercise: My co-worker and I successfully rocking our All Stairs August challenge. I didn’t darken the threshold of the elevators in my office building at any point in the month of August! We took it super seriously and kept our tracking calendar near the coffee pot so accountability would be high. It was a great way to institute a fairly small change.


Team Hello Kitty rocked All Stairs August


Sylvan Esso, Neumos, Seattle

Shows: Saw The Dip twice: once while opening for The Dirty Dozen Brass Band at Neumos and then on my lunch break as part of the Out to Lunch concert series. I’m new to working within lunching distance of downtown and seeing live music in the middle of the workday is a great treat. Please make this happen more, universe. Kat and I also had a surprise Roommate Date night when she won tickets to Pink Martini at Zoo Tunes in her office raffle. We packed champagne and enjoyed a lovely evening in the park gratis. Rounded out the month with Galactic and Trombone Shorty at Zoo Tune and Sylvan Esso at Neumos.


Everyday Music, Capitol Hill, Seattle

Travel: Polishing up my itinerary for the UK next month. London suggestions, anyone?


Taking a break at Tina and Shon’s wedding


2 thoughts on “2014 Goals: August

  1. London suggestions: Ride the London Eye and pay to get in to Westminster Abbey. It’s weird to pay to go into a church (Anglicans…), but it’s worth it on both counts. Also recommend the British Museum and British Library (bonus: Library is close to King’s Cross so you can hit Platform 9 3/4 while you’re feeling sufficiently bookish). You’re probably already planning on going to the Tate Modern, but don’t skip the regular Tate either, the Turners are totally worth seeing. You can take a water taxi between the two if you want to get a little boating on the Thames into your itinerary (water taxi costs money, but the museums are free, so it’s a balance).

    Finally, for a great view, consider getting a drink/dessert or splurge dinner on top of the portrait gallery. Wonderful views of Trafalgar Square.

    Oh, finally finally! A little pro-tip: Visit Harrod’s when the weather is nice, and purchase a picnic lunch from the food hall. Then take it to Hyde Park to munch. It’s so fun to do and much cheaper/less touristy than trying to eat in the food hall.

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