This week


Mondays with Siiri at Damn the Weather

I took a few more steps toward Fall Acceptance this week. I remembered Brussels sprouts. I ordered some new cords and bought a snazzy new raincoat to take to Scotland. I modeled it for my office and they approved. Baby steps, don’t rush me. Wednesday’s super moon found me being driven through the back alleys of Ballard to pockets of the city I’ve never been to before. That’s a rare feat accomplished by few. If autumn can be all bright moonshine on dark water with the heater blasting my feet I believe I can be convinced.


UIUC, re-instate Steven Salaita NOW. Scotland is voting on independence the day after I arrive in London; your questions about what happens next answered. Cassandro, the drag queen luchadore. Don’t watch the Janay Rice video. Read #WhyIStayed. Playboy recently hired a new online content editor…and got kinda feminist-y? I have lots of weird feelings about that. Their oral (ahem) history of Tinder is pretty spot on though. Harry Potter and empathy. Scott Foley. In bed. With puppies. You’re welcome. (#teamjake forever)


Anna Wintour, obviously staged to the nth degree, delightfully answers 73 questions. (Blake is even better.) The Live at KEXP youtube channel is a black hole of time suck…but Beat Connection is great. Our prayers have been answered! Gilmore Girls on Netflix!


Deep Sea Diver played two shows last weekend to celebration of their new EP and closed the Saturday show with a Janelle Monae cover. Relisten to The Electric Lady if you know what’s good for you.


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