2014 Goals: September


Social Eating Club, London

Books: I’ve joined a study group and started reading Marx’s Capital. This is a project I’ve wanted to accomplish for many years. We’ve laid out a rough map and it should take about a year to complete. Kat and I are posting instas with the hashtag #marxandme. There may be occasional updates here as I feel it necessary to share my hair pulling. Please feel free to remind me that this is both voluntary and something I want to do.

Before jetting off to the UK I stopped by the library for a plane book. I don’t typically browse the stacks, usually opting to swing in and pick up books I’ve previously reserved. Super Sad True Love Story by Gary Shteyngart caught my eye and I ended up bringing it across the pond with me. Finally, I picked up Girl With a Pearl Earring by Tracy Chevalier at a used bookstore in Edinburgh and breezed through it in two days; great vacation read. Annual total thus far: 19/15


It begins…..

Exercise: The best part of traveling is that you walk everywhere. The weather in London and Edinburgh was unseasonably warm and so I explored both cities nearly completely on foot.

Shows: Deep Sea Diver hosted an incredible EP release party at the Fremont Abbey. A two act set, the first half was all sweaty church basement rock out followed by a piano-driven second set in a converted sanctuary. Truly one of the top five shows of the year.


The Harry Potter tribute wall in the bathrooms of the Elephant Cafe, Edinburgh

Travel: Two amazing weeks in the UK. London continues its run of amazingness and Scotland is…WOW. Crazy beautiful in a way I wholly unprepared to experience. So much more in the next few weeks.


Bon Vivant’s Companion, Edinburgh


3 thoughts on “2014 Goals: September

  1. Maybe this social reading group idea is what I need to finally read Ulysses by James Joyce. I WANT to read it, but it’s so long. And… challenging.

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