This week


Hoxton St, London

I’m all jet-lagged and wonky. Woke up at 3am on Thursday, staring into space, and willed my brain to feel as tired as my body. At some point I accepted my fate and spent the pre-dawn hours catching up on The Mindy Project. My body has no idea what time zone it’s in and so I keep getting hungry at weird times. Kat is leaving for a week in San Francisco and there is a real chance I will recline on the couch Friday evening and not rise again until Monday morning. Pls sign up for meal delivery. I need you more than ever.


Gilmore Girls was graciously delivered to Netflix to a flurry of excitement in my household. Depictions of deep and complex female friendships matter. The protests in Hong Kong are exciting, confusing, and years in the making. The revolt against campus sexual assault. Speaking of consent, an enthusiastic FUCK YES is the sexiest thing around. My brother hardly remembers anything and apparently that’s totally normal.


Months late to the party but I watched the first episode of True Detectives on the plane and I’ll be back for more.


TangerineRadical Blossom EP, to keep holding on to that Indian Summer vibe (70 in Seattle this weekend! Good thing I’ll be on the couch.)

PHOX – Slow Motion (Sylvan Esso remix), two of my recent favorites smooshed together is so so good.



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