This week

My beautiful friend, Jessi, sent me this motivational penguin after I sent her an all caps evaluation of various coworkers reading comprehension. It was that kind of week. More than once this week I crawled into bed around 9 to read for a bit and then promptly passed out and slept like the dead. Fall has that hibernating pull on us all.


How theater failed America. The intersection of legalized marijuana and gentrification is happening in real time in Seattle’s historically Black Central District. “Every era gets the psycho bitch it deserves”. Can’t stop, won’t stop with the Gilmore Girls think pieces (I’m nearly done with season two so you only have a few more weeks of this). “It’s my body, and should be my choice”: JLaw schooling everyone. Ebola and the epidemic of fear. Boat parts or names of unvaccinated children?  America has always bred a special contempt for the white poor: the invisibility of white poverty. My arms are trees now. Life as an Oktoberfest beer maid (by my girl Kat Sacks).


The Beach Boys, by everyone.

This masterpiece:


CaribouCan’t Do Without You (Extended Mix)

ODESZASay My Name (can’t stop blasting this one)

“Hello, from the children of Planet Earth.”


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