This week

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Washington Forest Road 6024

I had every intention of getting more UK trip photos up…sorry about that. (Except Evie posted this link about how no one cares about your vacation and now I feel weird and overshare-y.) After a totally relaxing weekend of wine, hot tubbing, and hiking in the rain I returned to a week’s worth of social engagements and was all the better for it. Fall has claimed it’s place and despite holding out for as long as I could I succumbed to boots and socks and all manner of distasteful things I will grow increasingly resentful of as the fall turns into winter. In the meantime, I’ve decided to use my return to the kitchen to teach myself Indian cuisine. So get ready for all the spinach paneer you can stand-we’re doing this!


Everyone is a creeper. Seattle launched it’s new bike share program this week and I’m super pumped to try it. The Kitchn, a workhorse of a food blog if there ever was one, is running a 20 day cooking school. New and experienced cooks alike have plenty to learn here. Modern homes of the PNW. Abortion is good for women, full stop. As a social experiment, I recently updated my Tinder profile to include “feminist”. Very curious to see what happens. WSDOT tore down the Bridge to Nowhere and one day every secret space of my adolescence will be gone. That Northwest accent.



alt-JLeft Hand Free (and then tell me what 70s era rock band I hear in this song because it’s been driving me NUTS)



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