Disobedient Objects at the V&A


Opening Statement | Disobedient Objects, V&A

Disobedient Objects collects banners, protest artifacts, resistance tools, and people-focused art created as part of grassroots social movements. I was incredibly excited for this exhibit after being tipped off by my pal Alison. The curators worked with activists from around the world to display handmade products of social struggle. Could there be a more Liz worthy exhibit? I spent over an hour wandering through and lovingly looking at each piece and absorbing it’s story. The sense of solidarity was overwhelming and inspiring. People power is so amazing.


Disobedient Objects, V&A


Funeral Truck | Disobedient Objects, V&A


Slingshot, Palestine | Disobedient Objects, V&A


Syrian martys | Disobedient Objects, V&A


Guerrilla Girls | Disobedient Objects, V&A


Disobedient Objects, V&A


Book Shields | Disobedient Objects, V&A


Graffiti robot | Disobedient Objects, V&A

Disobedient Objects is on display through February 1, 2015 at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London.


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