This week


October, baby

Last Sunday, I offered a stranger unsolicited advice on which apple to buy in the produce section of the Ballard Trader Joe’s. I consider this a trait of my aggressive friendliness but it’s also just an objective reality that Honeycrisp apples are the best apples and you shouldn’t be wasting your time or precious dollars on other, inferior, apples. You heard it here first. Sunday was also sunny and 70 and felt a bit like maybe global warming will be kind and summer won’t go away forever. It was a tease and a lie and the rain will be with us always. The thing is, I actually quite like the rain, I just despise wearing a hood. It messes up my hair and my bangs get wet and the whole thing ends up making me feel like frazzled, misted mess. Is there a cure? Can you help me?


GUYS! Guysssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss. Sleater-KinneyEveryone needs a Siri (I’m lucky enough to have a Siiri). Is sex work empowering? At home, in the midst of the AIDS crisis. Egg freezing is not the answer; how about we just provide actual support for women to balance work and family? Free abortion, on demand, for all women (real and fictional). Oscar de la Renta died and now I’m in a flurry of indecision about who will dress me for my (hopefully) inevitable red carpet appearance.


Please watch this drone footage of a neighborhood in Gaza on the biggest screen available to you and allow the full extent of Israel’s terror to sink in. Free Palestine!


The Call Your Girlfriend podcast, especially the discussion of the Pope in episode six which is everything I have ever felt and Ann Friedman is my soul mate. I’ve been binge listening all week and it’s just so good.


2 thoughts on “This week

  1. I love that you totally did NOT tell me anything about what was IN this blog post (like me) but that you mentioned 3 days ago there’d be a couple blog posts this week, knowing, inevitably, that I would find them, read them and comment on them with extensive run on sentences of appreciation and the over-abundance of commas. I love you. This is why we’re fake married.

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