2014 Goals: October


Early October (before the rain started), Green Lake, Seattle


Seattle Whiskey Collective

Books: Plowed through Mastering the Art of Soviet Cooking by Anya von Bremzen. Thanks so much for the recommendation, Carrie! I’m currently working my way through a stack of old New Yorkers that Reuben saved for me while we were both traveling. This article on the internet group Anonymous was extremely interesting. Annual total thus far: 20/15


Round the campfire for Ratches’ birthday


The 14 person feast


Super cuddly Sunday morning at IKEA

Exercise: The rain is BACK, guys and it is not messing around. So I’m back to yoga full time and starting to think about folding some lap swim back in. I suspect the call of the sauna will become convincing quickly.


Double header night two


Lady date wine tasting for (other) Rachel’s birthday, Woodinville


Wine tasting crew. Happy birthday, Rach!

Shows: October was the month of the double header. Why see one show in a night when you could see two? Sleep is for the dead….or something. The first night was an AMAZING combo: alt-J at the Paramount followed by Jungle at the Showbox. Both shows were incredible in their own way and I’m so glad I didn’t force myself to pick between them. Double header #2 was blissfully in the same building: Tangerine album release party at Barboza  followed by an ODESZA DJ set at Neumos. Siiri and I just caught the beginning of the DJ set since it started at 12:30am and we are OLD people. Got the stamp, that’s what counts.


Touchdown for Tots fundraiser for Childrens Hospital


Why aren’t my Huskies winning?

Travel: Major travel plans for 2014 have concluded. Sad trombone. I guess now we start looking forward to 2015?? Right? Right?


That Halloween spirit, University District, Seattle


Cruella deVille-ing it up at work | Halloween 2014


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