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NYer Halloween

Happy Halloween! What a great day today is. I’ve never been one for elaborate costumes (though always deeply admire them in others) but a chance to dress up and mix it up should never be skipped! In third grade, I decided to be a black cat for Halloween and gathered up all the materials (black tights, black leotard, ears, tail) weeks beforehand and would lovingly lay them out on my bed in the days beforehand, just to admire them. Nothing remarkable happened. I wore my costume to school, adults approved, I went trick-or-treating and that was it. The anticipation was satisfaction enough. What an advertisement for Catholic education that is: “The anticipation is satisfaction enough.” Tonight, I’m grabbing a sequined mask and hitting the town. Adventure awaits when the norm is upended!


“[S]elf-deception remains the most difficult deception.” On running out of ideas. In tribute to mothers of the victims of police violence. The hidden lives of people living with mental illness. Jane Austen + Tinder.


Speaking of Austen, I’ve VERY intrigued by Death Comes to Pemberley (PBS), as I am about all Pride and Prejudice adaptions. How can Matthew Rhys as Darcy be wrong? Crush all street harassers (though that video has a serious race problem). Daniel Radcliffe is a treasure.


Michael Jackson – Thriller (because let’s get serious, that shit never gets old)


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