This week


Monday night pizza dinner.


The dark underbelly of your newsfeed. Mallory Ortberg is the latest in my series of internet crushes. Overshare your voter status away! Tomboy style perfected. Not afraid, but threatened. The Navy SEALS of stains. I’ve had this ramen recipe in an open tab for three weeks now, the approximate amount of time it would take to make. The Democrats have no one to blame but themselves. A cure for your Serial obsession: a podcast about Serial. Cat calling in NYC: a WOC experience. Banksy is probably a woman. On kinda hedging.



Saint PepsiFiona Coyne (“I think I was embarrassing with them, wasn’t I?”)

Jen Roesch – From criminalization to “rape culture”: Rethinking the politics of sexual violence (I was thinking more about the NYC cat calling video that went viral and relistened to this talk in that context. Definitely recommended.)



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