The bestest of weekends


Portland, OR

Today Kat is starting a new job. I’m particularly pleased about this news as it is a position with the university I work for so I could conceivably send her work related emails that conclude with Amy Poehler gifs. The world is truly a great place.

To mark this transition and to embrace a tiny sliver of relaxation in our own lives, we took a four day weekend. The first half was a trip to the always charming Portland, OR to attend a political conference. Saturday morning I poked Kat until she concluded her scroll through instragram so we could walk to Bijou for brunch. We talked nationalism, reformism, feminism, and imperialism all day. We got drunk in a living room in SE Portland and split a cab home. Sunday was stunning and the drive north was crisp and colorful in the way November aught to be and often isn’t in the Northwest. A giant rainstorm over Tacoma marked our return to the Puget Sound we know in our hearts. Monday and Tuesday were a blur of cooking, shopping, and cleaning all topped off with banya!

Congratulations, babe! I know you’re going to kill it!


Bijou Cafe, Portland


Portland Outdoor Store, Portland


Portland, OR


Oregon State


V.I. Lenin, SE Portland


Saturday Farmers’ Market, Portland State University


Making politics happen


Sunday morning coffee and Lena


Trove Vintage, Seattle


Lucca, Seattle


Banya 5, Seattle


Cassoulet + Jess and Rory (!!!)

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