This week


Old Piecora’s / New Capitol Hill

I’ve been thinking a lot about my old neighborhood recently. It has become very fashionable to hand wring about gentrification and the changing face of cities, especially tech hubs like Seattle. My childhood neighborhood is ground zero for an influx of hoodie-clad brogrammers that price out the very people that create the dynamism that attracted them to the neighborhood in the first place. What we actually do about it? I take as a starting point that housing is and should be viewed as a human right. We have more empty homes in America than houseless people (by fivefold, in fact). The state has a role to play in brokering the relationship between renters and landlords. I support rent control. I support movements that put evicted people back in their homes. I support a living wage that increases workers’ ability to afford increased rent. And I support radically increased federal funding of the arts so we can pay talented people to create beautiful things for us to all enjoy.


Congratulations to Evie on her truly noteworthy achievement with deep and humble appreciation for the art of pushing through. #FeministPrincessBride Chloe Sevigny is my soul sister. How net neutrality actually works. The singing comet. Van Gogh bike path? Time to go back to the Netherlands. The movement for justice following the murder of 42 students in Mexico is growing. What I like to call “bustin’ perps”.


Strings cover of TSwifty.


Jungle – Time (Beat Connection Remix)

The Twilight SadNobody Wants to Be Here and Nobody Wants to Leave


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