Cocktailing: Apple Peel Bourbon


Apple Peel Bourbon

Recipe: Apple Peel Bourbon by Food52

Let’s do this winter better. Let’s curl up with a few fingers of smooth and spicy bourbon to unwind from a rainy commute or catch up with friends. Let’s give better gifts. Let’s step up our home bar game. Let’s infuse some bourbon with scraps that normally end up in the compost.


Peeled and prepped

This is easily the easiest infusion project I’ve attempted yet. The peels of 1.5 pounds of apples + a cinnamon stick + 5 cloves + a bottle of bourbon. Let the peels and bourbon set for a week but fish the cinnamon and cloves out after two days so they don’t overwhelm the flavor. I used an inexpensive bottle of bourbon (the Trader Joe’s private label Kentucky bourbon) because you’re going to modify the flavor of the bourbon anyway so no need to use something fancy. Everything got mixed together in an 5 qt container I already had on hand. Glasses swing top jars, like this one from IKEA, also work great for these types of projects. After a week of infusing in my coat closet I strained the bourbon into a pitcher through a fine mesh strainer and then used a funnel to rebottle the booze. Try a taste, it’s delicious.


Ready to hang out


Labeled to keep track

And what to do with those leftover apples? I made some applesauce. A pie would also be great. Or how about a pitcher cocktail to drink while you wait or bring to Thanksgiving?


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