This week (and last week)


Cafe Allegro, Seattle

#BlackLivesMatter I’ll be at this protest tomorrow. If you’re in Seattle, you should be there too. If you’re elsewhere, there are protests against police brutality in cities all across the country. Join one. Author and activist Sherry Wolf put it best, “participation in protests can be radicalizing, energizing and eye-opening. But to be transformative, these actions must lead to politicization and organization. It’s not a sexy answer, but I believe it’s true.”


What constitutes appropriate rebellion? The history of Thanksgiving appetizers. Justice denied yet again. Thanksgiving sides: ranked. This heartbreaking essay on the scarring double life of Black academia. Why you should quit football. My childhood video store closed, a last of the greats. Ferguson and echoes of Mockingjay. “Why do they burn down their own neighborhood?” The whitest band ever.


Angela Davis on violence. Peaky Blinders on Netflix. Our household prefers it with 2-3 fingers of bourbon neat. You live your best life.


Snakadaktal – Sleep in the Water (to lull you into a post-Thanksgiving nap)

Public Enemy – Bring the Noise (for all your Ferguson reading)

Beat Connection – Industrial Condo Sadness (a new mix tape to sip your hot toddy to)


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