In the Kitchen: 25 Minute Lentil Soup

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Red Lentil Soup | Liz Takes the World

Recipe: Red Lentil Soup from The Kitchn

Soundtrack: Spotify put together an awesome Alternative R&B playlist that I’ve been listening to on shuffle all weekend

Weird things I will admit on the internet: I’ve always been intimidated by dried beans and other legumes. The rinsing and soaking didn’t seem necessarily hard, it just seemed like a lot of lead time. When I first started cooking at home I was short on time and money so I split the difference and bought cheap canned beans. And you know what? They are totally fine. That is a completely shame free situation. I do it all the time. Zero shade thrown.

But maybe, just maybe, you want to try something new just for the sake of it. This soup is a great primer. Split red lentils are Dried Legumes 201. You’ve done the prereqs and are totally going to rock the group project. You’ve got this.

Lentil soup is quickly becoming a staple in my weeknight rotation. While some oil is heating up in a large pot, dice up a few handfuls of onion, celery, and carrot. Saute those for a few minutes (perfect time to pour yourself a glass of wine). Stir in the lentils and season the soup as appropriate. Add the chicken broth and let everything simmer for 20 minutes until the soup thickens and the lentils are tender and fall apart. I stir it occasionally but typically use this time to flip through instagram or my email while leaning against my kitchen sink drinking wine. In the last few minutes of cooking I’ll poke around the fridge for something to gussy it up with: a dallop sour cream or plain yogurt, finely chopped parsley, a pinch of shredded cheese, a small handful of leftover bread, thinly sliced apples, the possibilities are endless. Dig in and get warmed up!


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