This week

Looping animation by Drew Tyndell

This amazing (and strangely soothing gif) was introduced to me via the lovely Ann Friedman newsletter. (You’re subscribed, right?) It’s so on point. Kat and I decorated the house last night and I’m finally beginning to feel a little Christmas spirit. Millions of people are engaging in this civil rights moment. I sampled not one, not two, but four rare whiskeys this week. My multi-year campaign to wean my family off of holiday gift giving is going smashingly. I basically want to fist bump everyone.


The overwhelming whiteness of Black art. Common police reforms: unpacked. “To my unborn son.” Female friendship and our first experience with heartache. NYC subways and an empire in decline. America is an unbelievably strange place. The power of political athletes to puncture privilege.


SATC queer remix. Ferguson and the history of riots in America. My friend Jesse broke it down at last Saturday’s march against police brutality.


Solange – True (rediscovered and perfect for dancing in your living room)


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