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freedom from want pirates

Freedom from potlucks

Can we talk about holiday potlucks? They utterly overwhelmed me this year. I realize, as a public employee, that discussing the minutia of holiday plans while balancing a festively printed paper plate is my destiny but I long for a different life. Out in the world, I hear tales of wine and sometimes even a band. My friends in tech smuggle these stories back like Levis into Soviet Russia. I’m not wholly convinced they are real. Luckily, we had plenty of leftovers from our own holiday party that I successfully shuttled to various windowless conference rooms this week. Childrens’ wish lists were discussed, deadlines were lamented over, and not one single person died or was even seriously maimed. Here’s to the wet blankets of the world, may your 2015 stretch out before you as one, long, uninterrupted lunch in the break room!


Is it bad enough? Mark Bittman on social movements. Socialize Uber. Six ideas for a cop-free world (from Rolling Stone, no less). Ladies, bringing the champagne to the people. White folks, please take a seat, shut your mouth, and listen.


Millions marched.


Neil Young – Harvest (had a Neil hankering this week and did not regret it)

An album for every moment (or my “to listen” list for the quiet holiday work weeks)


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