This week


Tipsy Christmas tree selfies 4ever

I’m agnostic at best about Christmas for the first several weeks of December. It seems like a lot of effort and expectation for maybe not so much payoff. Then, just like that, the solstice comes and suddenly I’m a holiday maniac. Christmas music in the office! Obsessively liking photos of presents! Decorated trees! Tiny, adorable children in tiny, adorable pajamas! My brother and his delightful new girlfriend arrived from Chicago last night and I shoved my face in front of their faces and basically turned myself over to Christmas cheer. Wishing you peace, love, joy, and companionship this holiday.


A throwback but a thing I very much needed to read whilst living in my body this week. The price of private prison. Gordon Parks in 1950s Alabama. Ayn Rand reviews children’s movies. #blacklivesmatter and mental health. NYC subway: 1966. Home Alone is actually a horror movie. New York’s protests must continue. Our Enemies in Blue.

Holiday cocktails from the archives: Hot Toddy | Champange Cocktail | Lion’s Tale | Franken-Nog


Jungle on Seth Myers. That Salt-n-Pepa commercial. Christmas, examined (required watching for Serial fans). “But it’s cutlery!


Mariah Carey – Merry Christmas (the most pleasant kind of batshit nuts)

Kristin’s holiday album round-up


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