2014 Goals: December


The reason for the season

Books: December is busy, did you know? I finished Delancey (and actually had dinner there!) and started my buddy Jesse Hagopian’s exceptional More Than a Score on resistance to standardized testing. As I own that book, it has been placed aside for books arriving from the library. I’ve started Rebecca Solnit’s engaging Wanderlust: A History of Walking though I’m not optimistic about finishing it in 2014. Annual total: 22/15


More Than a Score, edited by Jesse Hagopian

Exercise: Let’s not discuss. I’ve spend a good portion of the last month considering how to refine this goal to make it more manageable and accountable in the new year. Thoughts, opinions, and lessons from the trenches welcome.


Holiday party behind the scenes


DIY Christmas card photo shoot

Shows: This month, true to form, has been a non-stop march of holiday parties and other frivolities. But we shall leave no stone unturned and I’m squeezing back to back Beat Connection shows into the last two nights of the month. See you at Neumo’s tonight!


Meet Gertrude Pine


Band photo


Christmas, 1989

Travel: I went to work on Boxing Day and repeated the mantra “I am working today to have time for the traveling I want to do” over and over and over. Eyes on the 2015 prize.

Stay tuned tomorrow for a special best of 2014 recap! You know you love those.



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