Behold! 2015!


2014 was a year of defining and defending boundaries and then learning to give zero fucks what people think. It was a year of saying “yes!”. Yes to a trip to Mexico, yes to staying out late, yes to hard work and a promotion, and yes to friends and family that show up (and who I, in turn, show up for). If 2013 was a year of adventure then 2014 was a year of leaning into the good life and doing exactly as I pleased. In 2015 I would like to build on this work and transformation and restore some balance.

Reclaim my downtime. Balance fiction reading with political reading. Finish Capital. Practice internet-free Sunday evenings. Invite people over to dinner and refrain from instagramming it.

Exercise. Move three times a week. Join the gym. Create a travel-related reward system.

Travel domestically (at least) three times. After two years of robust international travel itineraries I’m ready to explore more of America. I’ll be in Austin in April and Chicago in July. I’d like to take a week-long trip in the late summer or fall and am currently debating between New York and New Orleans. The goal is always to use all one’s vacation days.

Plan for the future. Fully fund my Roth (I’ve been practicing for a few months and I’m ready for primetime). Build a budget with YNAB that reflects my actual spending patterns. Nail down an investment plan by my 29th birthday.

Engage with the arts. My concert goals for 2014 were overwhelmingly successful but I miss visual and other forms of art. In addition to maintaining my two shows a month regime, I want to attend at least six “other arts” events this year: museums, dance performances, film, etc. Let’s do it.

Find the center. Listen to your voice. Be present.


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