This week

2015 gifspiration

We’re now on the second day of 2015 and so far so good. I spent multiple hours on the couch yesterday only to get off of it to transport myself to a movie theater to wave an inflatable sword at The Princess Bride. This morning I listened to “Shake It Off” twice in a row, bouncing up and down in my closet, and then chugged a cup of coffee; my exercise goals on point in the new year.

New Year’s Eve is my favorite holiday. It’s a secular holiday focused on sparkles, champagne, and reflection most often celebrated with friends and without the gifting expectations of Christmas. That is a premise I can universally get behind. Tomorrow we’ll take down our Christmas decor and Monday we’ll start the hard work of being better humans in this new year. Warmest wishes for 2015.


“Female troubles”. I agree completely. Jay speaks! “It’s all a big nothing” (with sparkles). Shine theory: my guiding compass for how to be surrounded by awesome.

And every word that Stacey Patton has to say about the killing of two NYPD officers:

And the pattern we see is that after each killing, authorities and talking heads twist the narrative to say that these victims were responsible for their own murders. Then the grieving families were criminalized and demonized so that the narrative became that their loved ones deserved to die.

With variations on this tragic theme taking place on a near-weekly basis across the country, the weight of collective grief and rage is destroying our faith in the justice system.

So forgive me for feeling numb about the murders of officers Ramos and Liu in the presence of this heap of black bodies, the caskets, the tears and wails of parents, widows and children, the empty seats at the holiday table, the disregard for our lives, the mockery by police, politicians and pundits, and this incessant war on our communities.


Can we talk about The Good Wife? I know I’m literally five years late to this party BUT I just started (binge)watching it on Hulu and it’s prompted me to make some questionable bedtime choices. Oh and I also definitely now need a $25k work-wear make-over (Diane Lockhart’s jewelry collection is just beyond).

2014: Dance and rituals. tUnE-yArDs live at the 9:30 Club in DC. Lucinda Williams: Tiny Desk Concert.


Orgone – The Killion Floor (finally available on Spotify and still supremely excellent)


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