This week


Joan Didion for Celine, Spring 2015

Celine announced that 80 year-old novelist and all around badass Joan Didion will be the face of their Spring 2015 campaign and I aggressively fist pumped the air at my desk. I started reading Slouching Towards Bethlehem (finally) this week and the prose is an engrossing as she is famous for. I’m headed to Oregon to visit Sparky for the weekend and hope to finish devouring it on the trip down there.


Class and costuming in Selma. NYPD slowdown hits the court system. Je ne suis pas Charlie. Toward an economic plan for #blacklivesmatter. Justice for Leelah Alcorn. The myth of the 50% divorce rate: as someone fascinated by the sociology of the family the persistence of this myth drives me bonkers. Hell no to the Olympics in Boston. Nicki Minaj and the politicization of celebrity abortion.


Filson & Co. on instagram. Fog rolling into Seattle. Meryl Streep on beauty.


Sharon Jones and The Dap-Tones – Little Boys with Shiny Toys (New jamz. Sharon forever.)

Bob Dylan – The Basement Tapes (recently remastered and I am forever my Bob Dylan-loving mother’s daughter)

Stuff Mom Never Told You – Why take Taylor Swift seriously?


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