Girls Weekend



International District, Seattle


Gossip Coffee & Tea, International District, Seattle

Friday afternoon I peeled out of work early to catch the bus down to Oregon and spend the weekend with Sparky. It was a pretty fantastic 48 hours of catch-up, manicured nails, wine tasting in downtown Newberg, and a boat load of quality time with one of my besties (it’s a tier not a title). Her husband invited his best friend for the weekend which at first bummed me out, I want some quality Seth time too. But by Saturday morning I realized it’s sheer brilliance. Everyone had a bffl to hang out with so everyone got to do exactly what they wanted to do. While the boys went to some car meet-up (I have no idea, I barely paid attention) Sparky and I tried on 17 million shades of lipstick and then trotted off to get our nails did. Rounded out an A++ rainy Saturday by walking between tasting rooms and ordering a cafeteria tray full of smoked meats before snuggling up on the couch and watching Carrie and the Russian.

I’ve been giving basic a bad name, folks. The shit is FUN. Thanks a million to Sparky and Seth for being the hosts with the most forever and ever.


Woke up like dis pt 1


Woke up like dis pt 2


Time to play


Test driving MAC’s Lady Danger


Cliff Creek Tasting Room, Newberg, OR


Purple Cow Tasting Room, Newberg, OR


Storrs Smokehouse, Newberg, OR


SATC Season 6 marathon


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