This week


Green Lake Park, Seattle


Living alone: the next step in the Liz Independence and Self Actualization Project. How to fall in love with anyone (a fascinating experiment I’m absolutely dying to try) in 36 questions. What to wear to meet Anna. Unmournable bodies. EAT ME, Jessica Valenti’s delightful new newsletter discussing two of my favorite things: food and feminism. The overprotected kid (signed, a well adjusted adult that walked herself to elementary school). Hermione battles The Patriarchy.


Ukelele covers on youtube.


Purity Ring – begin again (New single to announce a new album [!], gets super fun and interesting at 1:25ish)

Daft Punk – Giorgio by Moroder (“Once you free your mind….of what is correct, you can do whatever you want”)

Gary Young – The Speech parts one, two, and three (Fascinating background and political context to MLK’s “I Have a Dream” speech)

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. – Why I Am Opposed to the War in Vietnam (winner of 1970 Grammy award for Best Spoken Word Recording)


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