2015 Goals: January


Wake up!

Downtime: I set an alarm on my phone to go off at 7:30pm on Sundays to remind me to unplug for the evening. It’s surprisingly hard! Maybe not so surprising, I’m aware of how tethered I am to my phone but I’m definitely embarrassed by how itchy I get when I “can’t” scroll through social media. I successfully refrained from instagramming a delightful Thursday night dinner party. Definitely still loads of room for improvement here!


Wear your heart(s) on your sleeve

Exercise: Man alive if this isn’t my Achilles heel. I gave myself the month of January to join the gym so naturally I’m signing up on the last day of the month. Swimming continues to be awesome just need another option with more time flexibility.


Umbrella Dance, Husky Stadium

Travel: Three of my internet girlfriends are descending on the NW in June and I can’t WAIT to show them around. We’re fine tuning our itinerary but it definitely involves a weekend in the San Juan Islands. There shall be much cheese consumed and naps taken.




University District, Seattle

Retirement: I bought the YNAB software! My buddy Alison and I made a date for dinner and user tutorial (she’s also helping me pollinate my orange tree yeahhhhh gurlllll). I suspect that I will totally geek out in assigning all my dollars jobs. These updates will be sooooo boring because this aspect of adulting isn’t sexy but I super need you guys for accountability.


The Electric Eat, Robert Indiana


Seven Gables Theater, Seattle

Arts: The winter seems like a good time to kick off this goal, I’m on the lookout for good reasons to stay indoors. Squeezed in Pop Departures at the Seattle Art Museum before it closed. The curation was rather underwhelming but spurred a great conversation about the representation of consumption in American art. While the Seahawks were winning the NFC Championship (go Hawks!), three of my favorite feminists and I went to a showing of She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry, a phenomenal documentary about the women’s rights movement in the late 60s and early 70s. Off to see my buddies Jessi and Jamie with the Seattle Ladies Choir tonight!


Green Lake, Seattle


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