Out and About: New Beach at Hedreen Gallery


New Beach, Hedreen Gallery, Seattle

February is typically a rough month in Seattle. The grey starts to get to you and its just bloody rainy all. the. time. Somewhere on the internet I found out about this mini beach art installation at SU. What genius! You reserve a 5-60 minute appointment online and the space is completely yours. The floor is heated, there are soothing beach sounds, you are totally alone with your thoughts and your time. You enter through a vestibule where you can leave as many of your earthly possessions behind as you like. I am a total ninny so it didn’t even occur to me to take anything more than my shoes off. The creators are mum about how many people have gotten naked. The “beach” is a 10 ft by 10 ft drywall box with a sky-like ceiling and a floor made of stone laid in sand-colored grout.


New Beach, Hedreen Gallery, Seattle


New Beach, Hedreen Gallery, Seattle

Creators Graham Downing and Max Kraushaar call it “destination mediation”. I was mostly in the mood for someplace quiet that would make me turn off my phone. (I need that kind of enforced structure.) No idea what to do or any plan for my time I just laid down on the warm floor and ended up falling asleep. It was a blissful little cat nap. No dreams just warmth and solitude. I put my shoes back on and took my book to the bar. Relaxation at it’s finest.


Happiest beach goer

New Beach is on display at Seattle University’s Hedreen Gallery through February 14. Book your completely free reservation online.


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