Valentine’s Day Three Ways

Every valentine a feminist valentine

I will fully admit to being agnostic at best about Valentine’s Day. It seems like a lot of pressure and, like, can’t we just love on each other every day? Plus, St. Valentine was martyred. Kinda gross. Buttttt you want to use the day as an arbitrary excuse to eat something great and enjoy the company of people you care about? You know I’m in. Restaurants are a madhouse on Valentine’s Day so my advice is to skip going out and cook something amazing at home.

Stay-in Option 1: Make-out in the Kitchen

Recipe: Maple Braised Rabbit and Carrots via Food 52

Cocktail: Amaro Smash

You’re sassy and perhaps a bit ambitious. Tackle some slightly more complex brine work and wow your dining companion with an unusual main course. Get your mack on. (You’re welcome.)


Stay-in Option 2: Barely get out of bed 

Recipe: Tony’s Steak from Dinner: A Love Story

Cocktail: Classic Old Fashioned

This steak is ideal for a relaxed timeline. The marinade takes less than five minutes to prep and then it just hangs out for four hours. Use the time to make a drink, stare across the couch, snuggle up to watch a movie, or debate philosophy for hours. Once you’ve worked up an appetite the steak grills quickly and pairs perfectly with roasted carrots or asparagus.


Stay-in Option 3: Friends forever

Recipe: Fontina, Fennel, and Onion Pizza via Martha Stewart

Cocktail: Mid-Winter Margarita 

Care for the singletons in your life with elaborate comfort food. Make individual pies or a large one to slice and share. Creamy fontina pairs nicely with the slightly licorice flavor of roasted fennel. Wash it all down with a grapefruit-y margarita and toast to great friendships.


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