This week


Daffodils in February, Seattle

I can’t hold it in anymore. I’ve tried so hard to not let it seep but I can only be strong for so long. Spring is here! Sorry East Coast, I’ll escort myself to the left because I’m a hater that’s hating all over your misery. Flowers are in bloom! I switched to a lighter coat two weeks ago! I never put flannel sheets on my bed this winter! Global warming will kill us all but for now I’m dancing in the sunshine that floods my living room on these gorgeous afternoons!


“I knew how I felt, but wasn’t sure how to be.” (My feelings about so much in this life.) “I’m not sexist and this organization is not sexist.” Oliver Stone on a life exceptionally well lived. Fifty shades of socialist feminism (be still my heart).


Tina Blecher and Sleater-Kinney break the internet.


Phony Ppl – Yesterday’s Tomorrow (Was introduced to them by KEXP and the whole album is EXCELLENT.)

Destiny’s Child – Survivor (Kathleen Hanna mentioned this song in an interview and it’s way more amazing at 28 than when I first heard it.)



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