2015 Goals: February


Cherry blossoms bloomin’

Downtime: I’m feeling mostly balanced but also like I’m not doing super well on this goal….? The internet is weird and I have a weird love/hate with social media. It’s mostly lovelovelove except when I feel like it takes over my life. The concept of a digital detox seems extreme but perhaps stronger boundaries would help. How do folks help protect their downtime and maximize their relaxation? My goal is to feel less like I need to have my phone glued to my hand to feel like a whole person.

Letterpress workshop, Constellation & Co, Seattle

Exercise: I’ve been hitting the pool and really digging it. Well, let’s be honest, sometimes I hate everyone in my lap lane. But the swimming part is wonderful. I put my head down, swim my laps, and find the zen. [emoji thumbs up]

Farmers’ market Valetines

Travel: I found out that Grace Jones and Future Islands are playing at the Hollywood Bowl in September so that’s happening. See you in the fall, LA!

Sunday nights with The Dip

Retirement: I need to spend some time thinking about mini-goals to break this down. The saving is going well because automated transfers are smarter than me. The most recent episode of Call Your Girlfriend has a great discussion about saving. Let’s make a to do list, folks!

Little Big Show in support of Rain City Rock Camp

Arts: I read the incredible Ten Little Indians by Sherman Alexie this month. When I was a senior in high school we read a bit of Alexie each Friday morning but I managed to never read this collection of short stories. Consider them highly recommended. It was a great month for concerts: saw a secret line-up at a top secret location in the Columbia Tower, The Dip covered Sharon Jones’ “Naturally” in full at the Seamonster, helped support Rain City Rock Camp with St. Paul & the Broken Bones at the Neptune, and celebrated a new album with the Tom Eddy Band at Barboza.

Friday evenings on Lake Union


2 thoughts on “2015 Goals: February

  1. I think periodically about doing a complete social media fast. But it would be so hard – so much of my friendships and support are online these days. I did find that in January when I had my reading goal, I cut way back on social media. There just wasn’t time to read AND dick around on the internet for hours.

  2. I sometimes consider this too but it just feels so overwhelming. Who would I tell all my witty thoughts to? How would I lament about small grievances? Do I just ~google~ for shoe repair recommendations? Balance is weirddddd, man.

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