This week

Why can’t we all be this happy?

I know I’m aging because this week I went to an early show and just about died of happiness. “How wonderful,” I exclaimed to anyone that would listen, “a full set and I was at home by ten thirty.” This turn of events has sparked in me a new passion: earlier set times. I have the zeal of a convert and the talking points of a Beltway spin doctor. Concerts on Friday and Saturday can maintain the classic doors at 8/show at 9 format. But imagine moving “school night” shows up on hour so the headliner now plays from 9:15-10:45. What a world it could be! We could be at the forefront of an artistic renaissance. No longer will we be chained to our couches consuming a steady diet of Netflix under threat of an 8:30am meeting. Behold your cultural freedom. Reclaim live music! Start the show at 8!


But what does the WHO say about Cube Life (TM)? Rise and fall of the hipster brand. On The Americans and critiques consumer culture. A note on call out culture. “Together we can put an end to ghosting”: a modern dating manifesto. The internet upended spelling and now it’s coming for syntax (because awesome). Women of color making pop music way more awesome.


New Orphan Black trailer! Jezebel spends a day with Janet Mock, all around badass.


Two playlists for your International Women’s Day celebrations this weekend

IWD 2013 (Two years old and still awesome.)

IWD 2015 (Curated by twitter this week.)


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